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** Gemma is now on maternity leave, so Sports Massage services will be provided by Duncan Davis.  To book call 07971407519 **

Sports Massage services are provided by Gemma McGhee. 

The sports massage team aim to treat all injuries individually and develop a unique treatment plan with the patient to get them back to work, sport or activity. So all sporting and non-sporting injuries are welcome!

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Gemma 07817 735702

About Sports Massage

Sports massage, or deep tissue massage, has many benefits such as:

  • Relaxing the muscles.

  • Helping to relieve aches and pains in limbs and around joints.

  • Preparing the body for sporting performance.

  • Aiding the body in recovery following sporting performance.

  • Improving circulation and lymphatic flow.


Initial Consultation Assessment: All injuries, whether they be sporting or non-sporting, acute (new) or chronic (old) are assessed on an individual basis in order to provide a rehabilitation programme that is unique to the patient. The initial session usually lasts for up to 60 minutes and will include both an assessment of the injury and treatment.

Follow-up Treatment: After the initial consultation any further treatment of that injury is classed as a follow-up session to monitor the patient's rehabilitation progress. This session usually lasts up to 45 minutes and includes treatment.



  • Initial Consultation or Full Body: £35 (up to 60 minutes)

  • Follow-Up Treatment: £30 (up to 45 minutes)